A seminar by Dr. Melodie de Jager Mind Moves: from movement to mind
13 -14 April 2019
10am —4pm
Location: Saint Petersburg, 3 Paradnaya street, building 2

Who is it for?
For all specialist working with children with special needs and parents
What will you get from the seminar?
  • First-hand knowledge
    You'll get all the information right from the author of Mind Moves method
  • Practical skills for applying movement activities Mind Moves to develop a child brain and personality
    It's an efficient instrument in work with children with developmental disrders or learning difficulties: autism, delayed psychological or speech development, ADHD, dyslexia, results from brain injuries
  • A possibility to use Mind Moves officially
    Right after the seminar you can apply Mind Moves method. You'll get certificates from Mind Moves Institute and Logoprognoz centre (supplemental education license #1554 5 November, 2015)
The seminar is given by the author of the method
She's the founder and head of international projects «Baby Gym Institute®" (2005), «Mind Moves Institute®" (2007) and, Senior Mind Moves® Institute, which are located in South Africa, Spain and Denmark.

Her books are translated from English into Spanish, Polish and Hungarian. In 2005 she was nominated by the American Biographical Institute for one of the "Greatest Women of the 21st Century", in 2011 she was nominated for the Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year award in the Educators category.

Melodie de Jager is a psychologist and educator with great experience: from an elementary school teacher to a corporate trainer in big companies and life coach. And also she's got an unusual gift for available and interesting writing and speaking about modern psychophysiological research connected with brain work. The seminar is for psychologists, teachers, speech therapists, and parents.
2002 Mind Dynamics / Dink Dinamies

2004 BabyGym / BabaGim
Babatorna Az agy és a test tornája babáknak (Hungarian)
Rozwój niemowlęcia (Polish)

2006 Mind Moves - removing barriers to learning / Mind Moves - weg met leerblokkasies

2009 Mind Moves - moves that mend the mind / Mind Moves - wikkel die brein wawyd wakker

2010 Mente en Acción – movimeinetos que mejoran

2011 Die glinster in my grysheid / The twinkle in my wrinkle
El Brillo de mis arrugas

2011 Brain development, MILESTONES & learning / breinontwikkeling, MYLPALE & leer

2012 What does controlled movement have to do with learning?

2012 Mind Dynamix – Unlocking Authentic Personal Power – Co-author Ruan de Jager

2013 Play, Learn, Know - Co-author Liz Victor
Speel, Leer, Slim - Co-author Liz Victor

2014 Ready to Learn Ready for School – A practical guide for teachers and carers
Leergereed Skoolgereed – 'n Praktiese gids vir ouers en versorgers

The Spanish translation, Mente en Acción: movimientos que mejoran la mente, is prescribed for students in Neuroscience at University Center Villaneuva, Campus of Mirasierra, School of Communication and Education, Madrid.
Every point of the agenda is a detailed analysis of how vestibular, proprioceptive and coordination systems influence brain and personality development of a child.
Saturday, 13 April
- Bottom-top approach to brain development: from movement to mind

- Sensory approach: sensory input, processing, motor response

- How to link these two approaches for effective brain development?

- The role of primitive reflexes in child development

- How to recognize a child behavior which 'says' "Help me"?
Sunday, 14 April
- The system of Mind Moves Activities for children with developmental disorders and learning difficulties
- How to make Mind Moves Activities part of any therapy (speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, special needs education)
35.000 rub for two-day participation
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