The first international workshop Music and Speech of a Child
11-12 May 2019
Saint Petersburg

A workshop is an interesting process where everyone takes an active part. Neurologists, musicians, psychologists, educators and parents of children with special needs will work together on these days. You'll learn possibilities of music as a therapeutic instrument for children on the autistic spectrum, apraxia of speech, dyslexia and learning difficulties.

It's scientific, useful, accessible and interesting to know how to implement music and rhythm in any classes with your child and everyday life.

There will be a demonstration of class videos, discussion of working methods, and practice.
12 speakers will share their knowledge
and practical experience
Among them are:
  • Nacho Arimani
    Nacho Arimani, the USA, a composer, musician, and co-author of neuroacoustic training InTime
  • Oleg Efimov
    Oleg Efimov, a child neurologist,
    the head of Prognoz clinic
  • Victoria Efimova
    Victoria Efimova, a speech therapist, PhD,
    the head of Prognoz clinic
If you are NOT a musician (a speech therapist, psychologist, teacher, parent), it is for you.

— You will know what exactly neurologists and physiologists found out about a link between rhythm, music and brain development

— You will get to know computer methods which develop the brain with the help of music and rhythm

— You will meet new opportunities for using music and theatre in speech development of children and teenagers

— You will master simple but efficient ways of working with percussion instruments in classes

— You will learn how to have a way with even the most difficult children with the help of music and rhythm

If you are a musician or musical therapist, it is also for you.

— You will learn why a musician brain is unique

— You will understand in what way music and rhythm help children with developmental disorders better speak and communicate

— You will see practical examples of how musicians work alongside doctors and speech therapists

— You will make sure that music can be a very efficient way of rehabilitation
  • Elena Nikolaeva
    Elena Nikolaeva, Doctoi of Sciences in Biology, professor of Russian State Pedagogic University by Herzen
  • Margarita Neiman
    Margarita Neiman, the head of Department of Musical Stimulation
    in Prognoz clinic
What will you see
master classes
— Music and development of child brain

— Music and language

— Music and intelligence

— Music as a mean of communication with autistic children

— Neurophysiology of influence of rhythm on speech development

— Neuroacoustic methods in work of a speech therapist

— Neurophysiology of influence of emotions on speech start and speech development.

master classes
— Body percussion with Nacho Arimani

— Color rhythms – rhythmic miniatures out from sounds with the help of coloured musical tubes

— Special project for parents Methods of musical stimulation in classes with children with special needs

— Oriental rhythms – basic principles of playing darbuka (goblet drum)

— Swing, sing and dance – movement and vocal improvisation
And also a performance by Nacho Arimani
and jam session
11 May
10:00 to 5:00 Saint Petersburg, 3 Paradnaya Street, building 2. 1
2 May
10:00 to 1:00 Saint Petersburg, 3 Paradnaya Street, building 2. ( "Bely Voronenok" art space)
5:00 to 8:00 pm Saint Petersburg, 6 Ostrovskogo Square (Museum of Theatre and Music)
All the participants will get a certificate of a qualification upgrade from Logoprognoz Centre

2000 rub. for two days
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+7 (931) 3740714

Project Coordinator Margarita Neiman