14-15 September
Saint Petersburg

2-Day International Research to Practice Conference

ADHD: How to Treat

Without Medication

Location: Saint Petersburg, 6 Ostrovskogo Square
Big Hall of Museum of Theatre
Attention: The address of the event may be changed,
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What is ADHD: a mental disease, neurological disorder, psychological problem? Or there's no such a diagnosis at all?

Whatever your attitude towards the diagnosis of ADHD is, you'll have to agree that the number of inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive children has become bigger in the last years. Any teacher will prove it.

The diagnosis of ADHD is used in all the countries and the use of medicines, which should make children quieter, is remarkably growing every year. Is there an alternative to these pills which have a great number of side effects?

Neurologists, psychologists, educators, who are using non-drug treatment to help children with attention disorders and achieve perfect results, will give speeches.

The conference is for parents, teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, doctors.

You will learn:
  • What ADHD is from the point of view of neurologists, psychologists, educators, physiologists
  • How to make an objective diagnosis which will detect weak points in functioning of a child's brain
  • How to make brain functioning more efficient and balanced with the help of the following methods:
  • Biological Feedback
  • Rhythmic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (RTMS)
  • Mind Moves
  • Sensory Integration by J. Ayres
  • Neurodynamic Gymnastics
  • Coaching
  • Music Therapy
You have a once in a lifetime chance to see and hear representatives from different countries and different scientific research fields on the same stage

  • Melodie de Jager
    Expert on brain development from South Africa, the author of Mind Moves method, writer of books and scientific articles
  • Oleg Efimov
    Child neurologist, the author of books and scientific articles, the head of Prognoz Clinic
  • Victoria Efimova
    PhD, speech therapist, the author of books and scientific articles, the head of Prognoz Clinic
  • Elena Nikolaeva
    Doctorate degree in Biology, professor in the Russian State Pedagogic University
  • Karine Vareldjan
    PhD in Psychology, the author of scientific articles and training programmes, the head of the centre Pod Krylom

  • Anna Assovskaya
    Psychologist, coach, the author of books and scientific articles
  • Igor Nikolaev
    Neurologist, the author of scientific articles
  • Margarita Neiman
    Music therapist, the author of scientific articles
  • Ilia Tamozhnikov
    Neurologist, the author of scientific articles
A gift for participants of the conference: a concert with music therapists of Logoprognoz Centre

14th September 10am – 6pm
15th September 10am – 6pm
15th September 7pm concert

All the participants will get certificates on advanced training from Logoprognoz Neurological and Educational Centre

Participation costs: 10,000 rub for two days

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